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Coconut scourers EcoCoconut

Reusable coconut scourers


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This biodegradable, coconut husk scourer is designed to replace traditional, plastic or metal-based alternatives.
This multipurpose scourer from EcoCoconut helps to deliver excellent results when cleaning, as well as being sustainable. Soft enough not to scratch, robust enough to get rid of the toughest dirt. It is made using coconut husk, a byproduct from the coconut farming industry.
Coconut husk is a strong, highly durable material making it a great sustainable alternative to fossil-fuel based materials. This scourer is:
* Non-scratch*
* Naturally antibacterial
* Free from toxic chemicals
* Able to remove mould easily
* Safe to use on non-stick pans and pots
All EcoCoconut’s products are made with FSC certified recycled Rubber trees that have been grown in a plantation and sustainably sourced coconut husks. The trees are replanted at the end of their life. They also come in fully recyclable, plastic free packaging.
These scourers are design to last a very long time, but once they have reached the end of their working life, they are fully biodegradable.
*Please note we recommend that you take care and test all surfaces for scratching in a non-conspicuous area. Though extensive testing of 1000’s of surfaces has been carried out, some softer, low quality plastics have been known to scratch more easily. The Natural Living Shop and EcoCoconut do not take responsibility if a surface has been affected by scratching.


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