Our Story

We wanted a way to support you even more with your sustainable lifestyle

After having children, something in us began to wake up. We couldn’t bear the thought of our lifestyle choices affecting our children’s future. We didn’t want to imagine a world where they grew up without as much access to nature as we have now.

We made it our mission to live a lifestyle that was kinder to the Earth, doing as much as we possibly could to secure a happy, nature-filled future for our children.

But, we found it took a long time to research what products were actually sustainable. We spent hours and hours trying to track down the pros and cons of switching from plastic to a plant-based alternative. And, we didn’t realise how tricky it was to find cleaning products that were actually better for the planet and not just a brand hopping on the eco ‘bandwagon.’

Eventually, we managed to reduce our plastic use, reuse as much as possible, and make our own cleaning and beauty products from ingredients found in most mainstream supermarkets.

We shared our journey online with others, hoping to inspire others and give them enough knowledge so that they felt empowered to come on this journey with us – with no endless Googling in sight!

As our family’s love for living a life closer to the Earth grew stronger over the years, we decided that we were ready to take our journey to the next level and create a real space to help others live a life closer to the Earth, too.

And so, The Natural Living Shop was born out of our shared passion for helping you live a more sustainable life, wherever you are on your journey.

We hope you’ll take a look around the shop and feel inspired to begin your Earth-kind life. Because no sustainable change is too small.

All you need is the right knowledge, tools, and a friendly face to help you along the way. That’s what we hope The Natural Living Shop will be for you.

If you’ve been following our journey for a while, or you’re new to our world, we’d love for you to come and say hello at the wonderful Cedar Farm, which is where our shop calls home.

And if the journey to the shop isn’t feasible for you, we’ll be launching our online shop very soon. Sign up to our mailing list to be the first to get your hands on our eco products.

Visit us at Cedar Farm

The Natural Living Shop, Cedar Farm, Back Lane, Mawdesley, Ormskirk, L40 3SY

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