The Natural Living Shop, Cedar Farm, Back Lane, Mawdesley, Ormskirk, L40 3SY

Cedar Farm, Ormskirk, L40 3SY

Welcome to The Natural Living Shop

Your friendly neighbourhood shop helping you live a life kinder to the Earth

Eco cleaning products, food refill stations, and beauty items nestled in the heart of Lancashire’s countryside


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The Natural Living Shop, Cedar Farm, Back Lane, Mawdesley, Ormskirk, L40 3SY

Simply bring any container or bag you’ve got at home, or buy one from us, and take what you need from our range of organic food and greener cleaning products.

If you need a helping hand, our team will be right there with you, helping you to choose the right things to suit your lifestyle – whether you’re a complete newbie or you know your bamboo from your Luffa.

Meet Kate and Mike

You might otherwise know us as @my_plastic_free_home – it’s our space online where we share practical tips, knowledge, and easy ways to live a more sustainable life, no matter how much time you have to spare.

We wanted to create a physical space where we could give you access to 100% tried, tested, and loved products that are truly sustainable and built to last.

Built upon…


When we’re all in it together, magical things happen. It’s our sense of community that will allow us to make lasting sustainable changes, and have fun doing so.


We wanted our products to be as accessible as possible for everyone, at every stage.


Without transparency, no business is truly sustainable. We’ll always do our best to clearly communicate with you about where we source our products and their level of sustainability, and give you a strong quality assurance guarantee

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