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Silicone Bags – Large Grey Bags – Set of 2


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PLASTIC FREE. Our FDA approved platinum food grade Silicone freezer bags are completely plastic free. This means no exposure to the chemicals found in plastic and no BPA. What’s more, they are super strong, durable and resistant to tearing

LEAKPROOF & AIRTIGHT. Rest assured there will be no spills with our bags. Your food will stay fresh and secure. Ideal for soups, smoothies and batch cooking. Makes the perfect sandwich or snack bag for your work or school packed lunch.

MULTI-PURPOSE. Our set of two of two 900ml bags are truly versatile. From meat, fish and veggies to toiletries, makeup, swimwear and electronics.

Transparent, so you can see what’s inside, and slimline to save on space in your fridge, freezer or bag.


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