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Citric Acid


Citric acid is a weak natural acid used for descaling, removing rust, removing stains and mildew, cosmetics and personal care products.

For descaling:

Dilute 1 or 2 tablespoons of citric acid in water and use to descale surfaces, coffee machines and kettles and remove rust from stainless steel.

Replace vinegar as a general household cleaner throughout your home.

Do not use on stone or granite. Always patch test before using.

For cleaning and cosmetic use only.


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2 reviews for Citric Acid

  1. Ellie Merrick (verified owner)

    Brilliant product! We use this for our hot water urn to remove limescale. It’s non toxic like other descalers & works within seconds.

  2. Leah

    Fantastic product! Works brilliantly as a kettle descaler but I’ve also used it to clean my loo (see Nancy Birtwhistle tips!) and create Nancy’s Pure Magic cleaning spray. So satisfying and a relief to know it’s non toxic/doesn’t impact wildlife and the environment.

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