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Bamboo Dental Floss Picks &keep (20 pack)

Sustainable bamboo dental floss picks for healthy gums


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Environmentally friendly dental care made easy! These sustainable
floss picks are made from bamboo with extra strong BPA-free floss.
You can glide through interdental spaces, removing plaque and food
debris without adding single-use plastic to the planet.

* Biodegradable bamboo handle
* Extra strong BPA free floss
* Vegan & eco-friendly
* Recycled and recyclable packaging
* Packaging printed with vegetable inks

A dental floss pick assists in reducing gum disease, tooth decay and
mouth odour by effectively removing plaque and food particles from
between the teeth and under the gum line where a toothbrush cannot
reach. It glides easily between your teeth.

&Keep dental care picks are also perfect for children as they are so
easy to use. The ideal addition to your daily oral hygiene and
a fantastic sustainable swap from the plastic picks readily

Each pack contains 20 floss


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