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Valley mist organic massage oil

Organic massage oil


Formulated and specifically made for babies but suitable for all skin types. Our organic blend of sunflower and sesame seed oil is perfect for massaging soft skin.

100% Natural.
A subtle addition of frankincense and English steam distilled lavender oil to soothe, calm and relax.

The king of massage oils, sesame seed oil has been used for thousands of years in India for Ayurvedic practises. Safe for babies, our organic cosmetic grade sesame seed oil blended with organic cosmetic grade sunflower seed oil makes a delightful and effective massage oil that has that desirable rich viscous property yet balanced lightness that won’t leave the sink heavy in oil.

Much like our Soothing Baby Balm, this organic Soothing Massage Oil is mild and only subtly scented at safe dermal levels for baby soft skin.


Pure (no fragrance), Francinsense and lavender


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