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Valley mist facial oil

Facial Oil with rejuvenating frankincense and bergamot


Enjoy as part of your nightly beauty practise. With clean hands and ideally a damp face, apply a generous few drops of the Valley Mist facial oil to massage into skin. Using round upward motions, breathe in the comforting and calming aromas. An effective method is to cup you hands over your nose a deeply inhale and sink into the moment. If you are not already relaxed before bedtime this is a helpful way of calming the breath and easing tension. Awake in the morning and feel moisturised and hydrated, often I will just use the oil without moisturiser on top, this allows the oil to metabolise with the skin leaving a rejuvenated feeling to your beautiful face.

Helps seal in moisture.
Nourishes skin.
Helps to smooth fine lines.
Naturally rich in omega 6, 9 & vitamin e.
Multi use
Use as stand alone facial oil or add to moisturiser and use immediately.
30ml bottle, with or without pipette dropper for plastic free choice.

With Pipette?

With pipette, Without pipette


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