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Fresh Linen Laundry detergent sheets – Simple Living Eco


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Eco friendly, plastic free and fully biodegradable, these dissolvable sheets are made with plant-based ingredients, no artificial brighteners or toxic chemicals and 100% natural fragrance. With a mild and soothing Fresh Linen scent for a freshness you can smell and feel, they are made with 100% natural fragrance using essential oils and plant extracts. kinder to our planet and our skins!
When travelling abroad, it has never been easier to be able to bring laundry detergent with you. Since it contains no liquid, you will not have any problems crossing security checks. The fully recyclable packaging also reduces plastic waste while simplifying storage and transport, creating a lower water and carbon footprint. The sheets offer a much more sustainable alternative to traditional liquid detergents and pods.
We understand that strong fragrances are the norm with mainstream detergents, but the ingredients of these ‘parfums’ are rarely disclosed, and have zero bearings on a garment’s actual cleanliness.
Simple to use, just pop a sheet in the wash and off you go! The material-friendly sheets are safe for use in hot and cold water are mess free and travel approved.

Daniel and Diane created Simple Living Eco Living after becoming more aware of what was in main stream detergents when their daughter started to develop dry skin and rashes. They changed to a more eco friendly option, but found when they went on holiday they were not able to take the detergent with them with it being liquid. Simple Living Eco is a UK family run business in the heart of Barnsley Yorkshire! Their sheets are designed by them and do not contain any synthetic or harsh chemicals, just natural ingredients.

Palm oil Free and never tested on animals

Made in the Netherlands and packaged in 100% recyclable packaging

32 sheets


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